Friday, March 19, 2010

Please enjoy some Man Nip!

This really put a hurtin' on me....


  1. Unfortunately, the adult swim like Hulu won't allow this video to be shown Overseas, when you click on it it comes up with a
    'you have reached this page because we are not allowed to share our videos across united states borders...' though it is easy enough to find if you search online.

  2. OK but I think I will stick with my own purr producing ingredients, nicotine, caffeine, Valium Vicodin and the buzzing little box implanted into my ass.

  3. Dang Heidi, had me all excited until the end. On the other hand, I have those type dreams now so what's to lose?

  4. Barnes-Those bastards. I had no idea :)

    W.M.- I think I prefer you're man spices as well!

    Mr. Charleston-Hahaha-You did alot of drugs back in the day huh?? :)