Monday, March 15, 2010

Totally in My League

Note to followers: If any of you read my last post before I deleted it lemme just say, I apologize. It was whiny and ridiculous and not anything I would want to read from anyone else so please overlook.

That being said, on a whim I went to see "She's Out Of My League" yesterday and it IS hilarious. While it still has a ton of date movie cliche's, the dialogue between the hapless lead loser (Jay Baruchel) and his friends (especially Nate Torrence)totally make the whole thing. Plus Alice Eve is definitely not just a pretty face. There are parts of this flick that I actually howled, honestly haven't laughed that hard since "The Hangover". Yet somehow, it manages to have a deep side. If you get a chance, See it!!!


  1. Probably won't see it anytime soon but the trailer was funny.

  2. Ha I read it before you deleted it, well I think I did. At least I recall reading a post that came after the best aunty post and before this one. I can't of course be sure it was the one you deleted because you deleted it. For all I know you posted two and I only read one of them not the one that you refer to as "whiny and ridiculous". The one I read by you had a insightful analysis into the middle east conflict that if implemented would have solved the entire ethic conflict in the region.

    Put onto the ad, I so think the dark haired girl in the ad is way more interesting than the blond '10' protagonist. Was she as sharp and clever though out the rest of the movie?

  3. W.M.- would totally lift the spirits of someone on the mend. Glad ur out of the hospital. :)

    Barnesm- Yeah....that's exactly what my post was about. I just didn't want to steal Obama's thunder. hehehehe. Dark hair had her moments but overall it's about the buddies and his fucked up family. I guffawed, and it takes alot to make me guffaw.