Thursday, December 10, 2009

Killin' time....

Don't know why I'm just now finally getting into these dudes but man they are wicked.

I texted my boss's kid that I hang with sometimes and he's all like "Yeah....I've had a bunch of their stuff on my Ipod for awhile".

Where the hell have I been?

Also just now catching this on dvd....

Jesus, if you wanna laugh till u cry, get the whole first season.

Working on the next installment of my story and I hope none of U were freaked out by the last leg of it. If U were, don't even bother reading the rest. hehehe.


  1. No not freaked, just off tracking down some Artic Monkeys and Eastbound and DOwn

  2. I thought that you wrote it really well - they have been funny and somewhat touching

  3. Lermontov-Thank you. What a nice compliment, means alot! :)

    Flinthart-No more physical beatings, it's all mental from here on out. It all turns out for the best I promise! :)