Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Golf Digest has got brass ones...

They basically said they didn't give a crap about the scandal. They cover golf, not cheating husbands. Either way, the jokes that this cover inspires are endless!


  1. Brawhahahaha ....plop

    That was the sound of me laughing my head off.

  2. That is very, very funny indeed.

  3. 10 tips Obama can take from Tiger? I imagine #2 is "never stop improving your multitasking ability.

    #1 has to be "do not teach your wife how to hold a golf club."

  4. Barnesm- I've obviously watched too many horror flix as I find that to be a comforting sound. :)

    Flinty-glad u found it amusing as well!

    Steve- Hahaha....U should really read the article. It's hilarious! I'd say another tip high on the list would be "Don't leave ur name on your ho's voicemail when ur begging her not to give u up."

    Cheesiest Tiger joke I've heard this week....

    What's the difference between Tiger and Santa Claus?

    Santa stops at 3 ho's.

    Thank you everyone! Good night!