Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Paranormal Cracktivity

This is stereotyping but I swear my black friends always get torrents before anyone else and yesterday was no exception when Antionette brought me her copy of "Paranormal Activity."

"Dude, it's fuckin' awesome. One of the best scary flix I've seen in awhile."

Now anyone else, I'd be like "whatever" but Antionette is a horror freak like myself so when she makes claims like that....I listen.

Nick cried "bullshit" when I popped it in last night as he is so jaded and quite the skeptic when it comes to his fright flix, but 30 minutes in and we were both on the edge of our seats. To say they did the most with the least is an incredible understatement. The direction and the use of just one camera puts you so deep in the story that you forget you're NOT watching a documentary.

"Blair Witch" wishes it could've acheived what "Paranormal" totally nails. I've never been so afraid of a "shot" before in a movie. Everytime it switched to the bedroom...you know shit's about to go down and the hairs on the back of my neck stood on edge for the last 30 minutes.



  1. Shaving in the morning is all the scare I can take on any given day.

  2. Have you seen "Sauna" yet? It's a Finnish spooker. Not the same 'doco' style, but seriously scary shit.

  3. Lermontov! You just pop up when I least expect it.

    Flinthart- NO not yet but I read your review of it and it sounds smashing. Definitely putting it in the Netflix cue.

    W.M., too bad cuz it's good.

    JadedJ- Ha!

  4. I will look out for it, though I believe there is a noticable lack of zombies.


    "but I swear my black friends always get torrents before anyone else"

    thats no way to talk.

    I want you to set your self a goal. Pick an upcoming new release, jump online and get yourself one of the miriad file sharing programs, go to any one of the well known 'arggh pirates' sites and download.

    Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it.

  5. Ahhh but there is a bit o' flesh eating in it so maybe that will tantalize you? Really Barnes, it's freakin' creepy. Still thinkin' about it a few days later.

    You're right, I need to get off my ass and do my own movie stealin' and stop relying on the kindness of my homies. :)