Sunday, October 18, 2009

So I decided I'm goin' as...yep you guessed it.....

I bought a treacherous mullett wig along with a gory gash that I will be applying to my forehead as well as the "throat slashed" look. I'm goin' for "fresh" redneck zombie with lots of gooey blood.

When I put the mullett on and popped my gnarly green teeth in, Nick could barely look at me. He said "If I had to bang that for the rest of my life, I'd kill myself." YES!!! I was going to be "Angela" from Night of the Demons but after seeing the perfect splendor that is "Zombieland", I had no choice but to honor it.

As far as continuing my story....sigh.....what's wrong with me? It's like I just lost it. I'm unable to seperate the re-telling and the re-living of it. I'm not sure what it will take to spur me forward but for now,I am at a loss. I have ZERO passion for writing at this very moment. It seems tedious and nonsensical.


  1. Comes and goes, Heidi. Let yourself take a break. Best advice? If you enjoy writing, pick another project for a while. You'll get back to the other one when you're ready.

    The only time it really matters to keep grinding is when you're aiming to publish it.

  2. Hey Ms “I have ZERO passion for writing” what do you call this. Posting about you selection of Halloween apparel is writing.

    Even if you don’t continue your story, maybe you will maybe you won’t, but please keep posting.

    You’d have made a kick arse Angela but a homage to Zombieland -how can I disagree. In the words of Tallehasse I bet you “You sure have a pretty mouth”.

  3. Flinthart-Thanks for the advice mate. I'll give it a go.

    Barnes- I will keep posting! Promise. And you're right,it's still writing. Part of my MANY mental problems is that I love to think of myself as a failure so I don't have to try. Isn't that productive? :)

  4. Here I'll finish your memoir for you.

    "Yeah I was fucked up but I am better now."

    OK? On to the next bit.

  5. Yeah, but with enough alcohol, Nick will be curious to hit it (Zombie Heidi) at least once.

  6. W.M., right now....I'm satisfied with your ending. That's how little I care to continue on with it at this point.

    Steve- Leave it to your ass...hahaha. Goin' by his reaction, I'm thinkin it'll take all the beer in Germany mixed with all the weed in Amsterdam to get Nick hard for "undead" Heidi.

    But if it happens, I'll report back what zombie sex was like as he has decided to rip me off and go as my redneck zombie consigliere.

  7. Take photos. Take photos. We all want to see.

  8. Will Do Mr. Charleston!!!

    W.M.-Reverse psychology? W

  9. You know, you could go as a zombie pregnant nun, and he could go as the zombie priest that knocked up the zombie pregnant nun.

  10. I'm not catholic but something tells me that an extremely special place in hell would be reserved for us if we tried to pull that one off.

    You sick bastard. :)

  11. Nope...You are the author of the piece and you are the one who determines when the story is done being told. Could you embellish and expand sure, but to be honest there is enough there for the reader to see the life you led and enough writing about your current life for the consistent reader to know that you are not as wild, opinionated yes, as you were at 18.

  12. You would not be the first couple to pull off the pregnant nun/philandering priest. You might be the first to do it as zombies though.

    And if you're Protestant, not to's your duty to mock the Catholic Church. Luther, Zwinglie and Calvin would be proud.