Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pass the Zoloft.

So Fourth of July breakfast started with North Korea shooting off their own special fireworks display this morning.

Only to be followed by an even worse lunch of two U.S. soldiers being killed in Afghanistan.

Dinner, not to be outdone, would take it a step further with the shooting death of NFL superstar Steve Mcnair.
1995 Excalibur Challengers Draft Day Rookie Redemption Prizes Gold #DD19 Steve McNair Pictures, Images and Photos

For some reason sparklers and hot dogs just aren't doing it for me today.


  1. That is depressing
    I hope your 4th of July holds something that lifts your spirits.

  2. I can do naught but echo Barnes

  3. Thanks for the well wishes lads. It is most appreciated. I try not to focus on the negative but yesterday was a just a tad much. Today's a new day though!

  4. I'm not worried about the North Koreans. I have faith their missile program is nothing but loud marketing. Give them time and the ShamWow guy will be their spokesman.

    I'm not worried about the US Army. They are resilient and they will continue to do their job well.

    I am, however, worried that another celebrity funeral will be hogging the TV.

    Oh wait, McNair? Never mind. He never even won a Superbowl.

  5. Yeah I know man...but damn. He was always one of my fav's. For his size-he was an incredible mobile quarterback in his prime and was never afraid to take a hit. He was a ton of fun to watch back when Eddie George and that whole crew were still together.

    From all the "Perez Hiltoning" I've been doing, I'm thinkin' it was the chick's ex-boyfriend. Looks like this murder suicide thing is a cover. The sister and everyone says the chick would never do it and she was crazy about Mcnair. The ex-boyfriend says that the Kazem chick had been calling him saying she was going to break it off with Mcnair. that's why she got an Escalade from him a couple of days ago. Doesn't add up.

    And I appreciate your confidence about the other two subjects.

  6. I did respect McNair for one thing.....against the Cowboys, early in his career, it was a full-on blitz. McNair dropped back 10 yards for a pass. A Cowboy defender was fixin' to nail him center mass. McNair bent over, took the hit, and flipped the guy over his back. He then ran it back to the line of scrimmage, and ran for another 10 yards or so, making the Cowboys look like the bitches they totally are.

  7. Yes! And you know last night I pleaded my case to my husband and his buddy about how great Mcnair was. They were in the same camp as you about the fact that he just didn't make very good decisions.

    What I reminded them of though was what a class act he was on the field-LOVED by his team mates. And how many highlight reels we've watched over the years where he would just throw his body with full abandon into the end zone. Not to mention (I don't give a shit if he was cheating-his business) he just seemed like a good guy. A country boy and if you remember back when they started all that shit about racism and quarterbacks in the league, he was one of the dudes who said that was BULLSHIT.