Saturday, September 11, 2010

37 goin' on 10.

Soooo...I punked out. Didn't go to Dragon*Con. What can I say? Weird birthday this year. Something about drifting into my late thirties really messed with me. Nick and I got up last Sunday morning fully intent on truckin' it to the Marta station and heading down for the festivities but right at the last....I changed my mind. I dunno exactly what happened. I was looking at pics from the parade downtown the day before and it all just seemed so ridiculous. I felt like a jackass who couldn't accept that I was getting older and therefore needed to cling to my childhood with a bunch of other pathetic losers dressed up in "Road Warrior" costumes. It was super lame. Nothing against anyone who goes, hell, I might go next year, it was just my perception at the time.

Nick was irritated but he let me wallow in it for awhile until he finally kicked my ass out of bed and made me go see a flick I've been dying to see anyways. "Machete" was absolutely low brow, kick ass, hilarious and super bloody. So bad it was good as Rodriguez has perfected the "B" movie chemistry. Several original KILL scenes and Danny Trejo was divine. I especially enjoyed the part when Lyndsay Lohan was topless and Nick leaned over and said she had "ugly juggs." Ha!

After that we rolled over to the Cheesecake Factory and I filled my gullet with a double cheese crunch burger and Reese's peanut butter cup cheesecake. TO DIE!

All in all, once I quit being a fuckin' crybaby, it was a pretty nice day. You like what you like, who gives a shit if ur 80 and still into death metal? Doesn't mean your a retard or unable to relinquish your grip on youth does it?


  1. The only people with a problem are those clinging because they're afraid of the present and the future. I still like quite a few movies from my youth, and some of the music, and I have no hesitation in diving right into those things in public.

    On the other hand, I like a lot of new movies and music too. And I expect I'll like a lot of stuff to come.

    Age happens to the body whether you like it or not. But it happens to the mind only if you become unwell -- or if you choose it.

  2. I know u guyz are right, I got it together. But you both have kids and i think when you get this age and ur childless, it's weird. I feel like I'm never going to grow up but the wrinkles in the corners of my eyes say otherwise. Too much time for introspection but I'm working it out. Thanks! :)