Sunday, August 29, 2010

Time to Nerd Up or Shut Up

So I've made my peace with it. I AM A NERD. So much so in fact that this year I will be celebrating my birthday by going to the biggest geekfest in the South East....Dragon Con.

No, I shant be dressing up like a Klingon or one of those lizard people from "V". What I will be doing is actively attempting to make contact with Joel Hodgson from MST3K as well as some of my other dorky dream boats. I plan on taking many pics of the folks who were beaten up in high school on a daily basis for all of your enjoyment.


  1. Excellent, and as the team over at Topless Robot say "Mystery Science Theater 3000 was the best show in the history of ever. Okay, that's just my opinion [Ed's note: Actually, no, it's an established fact. -Rob]"

    can't wait to hear all about it.

  2. If you don't have a solid photo blog, we'll be very disappointed.

    (and, if it wouldn't be too much trouble, please include a pic of any woman dressed up as Slave Girl Princess Leia, or a "Sexy Stormtrooper."

    (Or any costume that can best be prefaced with the adjective "Sexy."

  3. Barnesm- He is a comedy God in my opinion. Mike could never fill his shoes. Thanks for that link! Never heard of that site before. Have you checked out "RiffTrax"? It fills the void!

    Steve- Well the old man's going so I'm sure I'll be on high alert for anything that will attract his eye, so it shouldn't be a problem. But then again, he's kinda got a thing for "Flo" the Geico lady and ummm..ME so his taste is in question. I'll just stick with my own judgement. Ha! I'm certain there will be at least ONE good Leia in the bunch but I'm gettin' shots of the bad one's too. Fair warning!

  4. It's a risk I'm willing to take.

    I think it's safe to say that whenever your husband turns his head and says "woah" under his breath, Photograph. That.

    FYI, Flo (from Progressive Insurance) is hot in real life. So...ahem.

  5. I think u and Nick (the old man) are both crazy but then again my first crush ever was on John Belushi sooo...who am I to judge?

  6. Here's Flo:

    *Nick runs off to get every one of her movies on Netflix*

    My first crush was Pat Benatar, if you don't count "any woman who got naked in Animal House."

  7. By the way, I should point out, I don't actually lust after Flo, but I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers. Where I need psychiatric help is my unhealthy obsession with Katarina Witt, Salma Hayek and Kate Winslet.

  8. Yeah Nick pointed her out to me when we were watching "The Brothers Solomon" the other night.

    Pat Benatar- can't blame ya. Love IS a battlefield!

    Katarina Witt- hmmmm.. o.k.

    Salma-I assume you still ponder her sex scene in "Desperado" on the daily??? hahaha

    And Winslet- I think she spent half of "Little Children" in the buff. Helluv an actress though. Doesn't have to be nude in every movie but for some reason...SHE IS.

  9. Amen, sistah! Testify!

    I'm about to go into WorldCon for the weekend. Does it make me any less nerdly that I'm one of the writer-group, not the fan-group?

    I doubt it. However, I'm big enough and well enough trained that I don't care any more. You can shout 'nerd' all you like, but if you try to give me dutch rubs and trap me in the gym locker, you may expect to spend the next six months in the particular care of your orthopaedic surgeon... not all nerds are small and harmless.

  10. Oh wow, Flinthart that's awesome! You'll be in on all the behind the scenes stuff. Too cool. And I have no doubt you could wield that sword and split anyone who's giving you shit IN TWO. I was just talking about the "World of WarCrafters" who have their moms bring a poop bucket ala "Cartman" so they don't have to leave the game.

  11. Heidi, the Homeless Pat Benatar from that video never did much, but "Shadows of the Night" where she was a commando was cool. Plus, I really just love her voice.

    Katarina Witt...what's not to love about a tall top-heavy German woman who can do a triple toe loop?

    But the reality is, it's the accents. All three are attractive (to me) women with cool foreign accents. I stress "cool." If all 3 sounded like a waitress from South Boston or a dockworker from Philadelphia, it wouldn't have quite the same effect (but strangely, if they sounded like bartenders from Michigan's upper peninsula, I'd be all over that).

    Anyway, that's off topic. Is anyone else wondering why what appears to be a poster boy for the American Nazi Party is leading a parade of stormtroopers with what looks like a pink ribbon hanging from his junk?

  12. What? No "Hell is for Children"? I think I remember her as a sultry minx in that one BUT I'd be lying if I said I didn't think she had a monkey mouth. Killer voice though 4 sure.

    So lemme guess, if given the chance to live out "Total Recall" u'd pick the "spy" package right? "Exotic,sleazy,demure." I am surprised that u fell the Up'er accent would fair in comparison to the others though. Too many "ya know's" man. My freakin' sister says it every other word.

    Metrosexual Nazi's! Wasn't that a punk band?

  13. I just googled "Metrosexual Nazis." I'm expecting a call from our IT manager any minute.

    My favorites are her hard(er) ones like "Treat me Right" and "Heartbreaker," although I do love her sultry sounds when she sings the cover of Mellencamp's "I Need a Lover." And yes, my Total Recall would be dropping in behind the Siegfried Line with Benatar, trying to escape from Katarina Witt. Hang on. I've said too much.

    As for the Yooper accent....well, my family is from the midwest (the Chicago suburbs), so I have a soft spot in my heart for accents from that region, dontcha know.

    I'm serious.....why the Pink Junk Ribbon? Is it a testicular cancer awareness ribbon?

  14. Ooohh...Steve careful or you'll be banished from Blogger like myself! Talk about Nazi's. I probably should have warned u that making up names for punk bands is a hobby of mine. "10 Mexicans in a Van" as well as "Orgasm Knife" are two of my favs.

    The ribbon is disturbing on MANY levels!

  15. On another blog site, someone referred to the collective losing of shit in Arizona over immigration, and called it "Hispanic Panic." I pointed out that would've been a great name for a band.

  16. No doubt, I dig it! Definitely for a "ska" band though.

  17. *taps foot, anxiously awaiting for a photo of a hot female Boba Fett wearing a bikini top and cargo pants.*