Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A True Loss for Cleveland

I won't even try to be a poser and say that I read the man's work for years. Much like most knowledge I've acquired, I learned of him through a movie. That's not to say that after watching "American Splendor" that I didn't remember the funky, disheveled guy from "David Letterman", but I was a teen and didn't realize who the hell he was. What I recalled was that he gave Dave infinite crap when he was on the show and didn't seem to mind being subject to ridicule for the sake of the crowd's enjoyment.

Once his existence fully manifested in my brain,I found his story beyond inspiring. Here was this amazing, prolific story teller working as a medical records clerk and as I sat in my cubicle day after day with the same aspirations, he made me believe it was possible. That regular schlubs such as ourselves had a voice that may actually intrigue folks. Well...in his case anyways. Mine is still yet to be seen.

Cleveland now has something to be sad about as they have lost a real "King" of entertainment.


  1. Indeed the world is a little more grey with his passing.

  2. An inspiration to all talent who hold menial jobs while trying to break out with their true love.

    You will Heidi.

  3. Barnesm- Definitely. He was such a kind and wonderfully odd fellow.

    Jadedj- Awwww.... thanks. That was such a lovely thing to say. :)

  4. It's the beautiful thing about blogs... you can publish to your heart's content and your faithful followers will read. Is that like... publish and they will come?

    A loss indeed.

  5. Mr C.- I've heard many refer to Pekar as the original blogger. I can't say I disagree with that assessment. He gave the mundane details of life a vibrant pulse.