Thursday, September 3, 2009

My new obsession!!!!

It started with "Tenacious D" for me. I was completely addicted from the moment I watched their show on HBO back in the late 90's. Bought the dvd's, the album, went to the movie and finally the live show when it made it's way to Georgia.

Then it was "Flight Of The Conchords". Same deal, c.d., dvd's, saw'em live when they came through.

After that it was "The Lonely Island Boys".

And NOW the "Boosh". I know they're older than a couple of the groups I've already mentioned but I've just got hip to them in the last couple of months thanks to "Adult Swim". And I can, without embarrassment say, I'm flippin' mental for them!!!!!


  1. Ahh, The BOOSH, I still have their song Captains Cabinets trapped in Cabinets will he get out, course he will

  2. Of course You'd know the freakin' "Boosh" Barnes! I love the Captain's Cabinets too.

  3. ....arrgh. The Boosh. Sometimes I have fleeting nightmares about the Eel song.

  4. Awww!!! Eels! I sing it all the time. I hear they have been touring across Europe and I'd kill to see them live. I think they're brilliant, impeccable comedic timing and just an unbelievable range of characters.

  5. Well, since I love everything else on that list, I'd better check out "The Lonely Island Boys".