Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fake Book

Yes I realize there are about a thousand blogs that chronicle just how lame Facebook really is. The reason WHY I know that is because upon the deactivation of my account a few weeks ago, I googled "Facebook Sucks" just to reassure myself that I wasn't the only one who thought so. I always just assume I'm wrong about everything.

Many points were made in various entry's that I fully agree with such as; how gay it is when couples write about completeing such simple tasks as making dinner or picking up their kids on each other's "walls" like ANYONE gives a rat's ass.

And I can totally get on board with the fact that alot of the participation hinges on pure narcissism because just so you know, nobody gives a damn what your 5 favorite cereals are or your top 5 things you never leave the house without. All they really care about is telling you what their fav 5 butt licks might be.

I worry about what your 5 favorite beers are almost as much as I cry myself to sleep at night wondering if Brett Favre will make another come back. By the way you old bastard, go lay down and stop ruining Sports Center for me.

The catalyst for my departure was none of those things however. For me it was the simple fact that I realized there were reasons that I haven't spoken to many of the people who inevitably "found" me on Facebook. The biggest being that they are losers and after your done tripping down memory lane, that's what you remember most and then your stuck lookin' at their stupid faces everyday and reading about how crappy their lives are now. If you really wanted these dick slaps in your life you would've kept in contact with them in the first place.

Or even worse, everyone at your job is on it and they all start "requesting" you as if you don't see these ass hats enough during the 40 hours a week that your mandated to spend with them. They can't seem to make the connection that you never sit with them at lunch or ask about their personal lives at work so why would you want to spend your "off" time reading about them?

I imagine this only holds true for thirty-somethings and up like myself, not highschool and college kids which the site was intended for in the first place. It just seems like older folks who get on there actually regress in their behavior patterns to that of teenagers and not the good parts of the era like recreational drug use, excessive drinking and casual sex. More over, it's the self centered part of being young that gets channeled. When what you were doing and with who (this weekend) actually mattered to anyone besides yourself.

Heidi Germanaus just became a fan of dissing Facebook.

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  1. I hear you on facebook. I think I have about 100 requests for random things just collecting dust. I'm not interested in playing mob wars, doing a quiz, any of that business. It is useful for keeping in touch with college buddies that have moved to other parts of the country - that's what's kept me on it.

    The weird part is some of my college professors have joined. Thankfully none of them have friend requested me. I mean, you can't reject them but I wouldn't want them to see the things I've written either.