Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Here's the deal....

Some of you may have noticed that my posts lately have been up for a couple of hours then taken down. It's only because I had not received an i.d. for Wordpress yet for the site I'm writing for and since I'm such a goof ball, I had to map it out on Blogger first. It's all good now so I'll be using Blogger for what it was intended for here on out. Whatever that maybe....public diary, bitch rag, etc...

Also, yeah my name is Steph. Some of you knew that already. Heidi Germanaus was just an alias I thought I needed. Doesn't seem necessary anymore. Heidi is my German/Aussie Shepherd. Ehhh??? I know, it's retarded.

Not sure how good I am at this reviewing stuff yet, but it's fun and forcing me to write. I've realized - I MUST have a deadline. At least for now. Here's my latest but not my greatest. My heart wasn't in it for some reason.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Headed out to see "True Grit" tonight (Hell yeah!!!) and will be giving a take on that as well.

Hope everyone is doing great and getting ready for a peaceful, relaxing Holiday!


  1. YEA, I was wondering what was happing. Nice to have you back and able to comment

  2. Thanks Barnes and again, I'm sorry! I should have posted an explanation about the going's on. I was just caught up in it for a sec. It really was a dick move on my part and I feel terrible. Never again!