Sunday, November 28, 2010

Drama filled Weekend

I'm not usually much of a drama chick. When I go to the movies or rent, it's generally a comedy, horror or documentary with dramas and stories falling to the last slots every time. However, with our newly acquired Showtime thanks to my "Dexter" obsession, I found a wealth of films in this genre from over the last year or so that I had not seen yet. It was especially perfect watchin's on a cold, rainy black Friday eating cornbread dressing and chocolate mousse cake. Yum! 

First up was "Big Fan" with Patton Oswalt. 

As soon as his repulsion of the Philadelphia Eagles was made known, I was fully invested. Much like "The Dude"..... "I hate the fucking Eagles man." I realize he was talking about the band but I hate'm both so my love of that line has always been doubled. I thought it was a pretty solid film for the most part. Oswalt's portrayal of Paul-35 year old parking attendant/biggest N.Y. Giants fan ever was very believable and the scenes between he and his mother/brother/best friend were thick. The best of course being the climax with his rival, radio, trash talker Philly fan (Michael Rappaport) in a bar bathroom. Oswalt may look like a toad but he does such a good job at making you understand how deep his devotion runs even after his favorite player beats the mortal shit out of him. It's a movie full of blind, blue collar loyalty and I liked it.

Next up was "The Messenger."

Yeah, so I was pretty slow on the draw on this one. I know, I know...Academy awards...I know. Like I said, I just don't go out of my way to watch serious shit like this. Obviously it was fucking excellent. The different scenes when they inform the families, not to mention the build up to each incident is nothing short of heart wrenching. Woody Harrelson proves again that he's more than an eccentric stoner, he's a retarded good actor. I've loved him since Natural Born Killers and it's rare (Palmetto) that he disappoints. Ben Foster continues to impress me. Loved him as the drifter in "30 Days of Night" (horror chick!) and he was the only legit thing in the crapfest that was "Alphadog" as well as the puke stain that was "Pandorum." Overall, I thought it was excellent. 
Next up... "The Road"

Good gravy, if you're lookin' for a laugh.. well.just...Holy shit this movie is depressing. I've never read the Cormac MCcarthy novel as I am more of a "watcher" so I have no idea how the movie measures up but fuck it's bleak. Viggo rocks as always and the stage set from the outset is terrifying. I will never need to wonder what it would be like to survive an apocalypse again as it is more than accurately done for you here. It's every bit as nightmarish as I've dreamed about in the past except the zombies are replaced with cannibals which are somehow even creepier. I guess because zombies have no choice but to munch on your brain, cannibals do so willingly and with a fucking plan for the rest of your parts too. The kid who plays the son (Kodi Smitt-Mcphee) is an incredible young actor. He reminds me a bit of Lukas Haas back in the day only a little less flimsy. Ultimately it's a good movie but I'll never have a need to watch it again. By the way, this shit made "Book of Eli" look even gayer than I originally thought it was. 

Last up..."Killer Inside Me"


The least favorite during my lazy, Holiday drama watchin's. While Casey Affleck's portrayal of the serial killer/sheriff in the forties is interesting, the movie is mostly summed up to shock value. Don't get me wrong, I love gore and horror but I hate torture/porn shit like "Hostel", "Saw", "Wolf Creek"...etc... and while this is packaged in classier's just the same. When Lou Ford (Affleck) beats the breaks off of Jessica Alba's prostitute character "Joyce", it goes on FOREVER. It's gritty to the point of overkill and it made me angry because I can't stand Jessica Alba and even I wanted him to stop beating her. The story is weak, the acting is strong but I could care less about the main character. Unlike Michael C. Hall's character on Dexter who is a serial killer that you sympathize with, Lou Ford is just a piece of shit who you can't wait to see die. I mean seriously, I hate Kate Hudson more than Jessica Alba and he gut punched her so hard she peed herself and I felt terrible for her. I almost forgot about "Fool's Gold". That's not fair!!

Either way, that's all the drama I'll be lookin' for till "True Grit" comes out Christmas day. 


  1. Once again your reviews are great as they seem to concur with my own and therefore fabulous and good.

    I can vouch for McCarthy's book 'The Road' every bit as bleak as the movie and Woody Harrelson is fast becoming a reason I would watch a film.

    Hard to believe anything could make me feel sympathy for Kate Hudson but I am not willing to risk it after reading your review of Killer Inside Me. As I am also a fan of horror/gore but like you I appreciate there is a distinction between it and the current crop of torture porn. Not sure where the movie 'The Human Centipede fits' but I am in no hurry to find out.

  2. Awww thanks Barnes! WE have great taste. :) YES, "Human Centipede"....I've definitely been wondering but just like you, I get the feeling it's just "gotcha" gore. I like to be scared, but I hate to be disgusted just for the sake of of squirming in your seat.

    And my reviews are so low brow but I'm glad you enjoy them!

  3. Short and sweet... like all of McCarthy's stuff, the movie was better than the book. In the case of the Road, they both suck. Don't waste your time on Human Centipede, a deliberate attempt at "cult-classic" that failed.

  4. Well Mr C., sounds like you loved it. hahaha...Seriously though, I never read the novel that inspired "No Country For Old Men" but I don't know how it could have been better than the movie. So what I'm sayin' is, I'm inclined to believe ya. I can't say that I LIKED "The Road" but I thought it was a good movie. Make sense? Anyways, thanks for the heads up on "Human Centipede" too! :)